DECLARATION ‘Bilingualism Now!’
Linguapax Asia 2018

Bilingualism means an understanding of language freedom.
Bilingualism means the choices we make, today and tomorrow,about the languages we can use in society.
Language diversity works. It works for society.

  • Bilingualism enriches our personal experience, restores justice and fosters career and livelihood.
  • Bilingualism supports people. An understanding of bilingual people – speakers and signers – is essential for the proper
    organization of how language works in society.
  • Bilingualism and bilingual people, adults and children, must be protected by the politics of government and law, by power and
  • Bilingualism is part of the moral order, of personal identity, the life course, the politics of life.

Linguapax is committed to building a gateway to the recognition of bilingualism and the life of all bilingual people.

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