Welcome to Linguapax Asia!

Welcome to the Linguapax Asia website! The website is envisioned as a forum for all people concerned with linguistic diversity and linguistic heritage. Linguapax aims to assist in the preservation and revitalization of endangered languages, bilingual and multilingual education. It seeks to raise awareness of the links between language, identity, human rights, and the quest for peace. Many people are involved in this work from the fields of education, linguistics, anthropology, the humanities and social activism.

The website is a source of information about the Linguapax Asia activities, including SYMPOSIA, FILM SCREENINGS and PUBLICATIONS which are now made available to readers around the world in electronic form. You can learn more about Linguapax Asia ongoing activities in the NEWS section. See how you can join in Linguapax activities whether you are an interested observer, an academic or student. We look forward to your participation with us.

Jelisava Sethna, Director