[2016 Symposium]

Date: Saturday, June 11th, 2016
Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Free Admission
Program: PDF download
Venue: Kansai University, Osaka, Japan


The topic of the 2016 symposium is the interface between language and migration and how the language situation, planning and policies in various countries, Asia in particular, are managed as a result of in-migration or out-migration.

As the world refugee crisis intensifies, discussion has reopened on issues concerning the role of language in international migration: language and new citizenship, language proficiency policies and requirements, migration to countries of language proximity, language change, terminologies (e.g. migrant vs refugee), language loss and maintenance, how language shapes or influences migration. Within this general theme, language and migration will be explored in its pedagogical, historical, and social frameworks.

The Organization:

Linguapax Asia works in partnership with Linguapax International,
a non-governmental organization located in Barcelona, Spain.
The Asian associate of Linguapax International, Linguapax Asia carries out the objectives of both Linguapax International and UNESCO’s Linguapax Project with a special focus on Asia and the Pacific rim.
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The symposium is organized by the Linguapax Asia Committee


For further details of the 2016 Symposium contact Symposium Organizer, Dr. Fred E. Anderson, Kansai University at

Abstract submission

Please submit your proposal to Prof. John C. Maher, Program Director at by the deadline, February 11, 2016. We welcome original and previously unpublished papers.
The language of the conference is English. Papers are assigned 30 minutes.
There is combined time for discussion at the end of each session.
Abstracts should be sent in English by email attachment.
(Approximately 300 words, excluding title and references, in Times New Roman, 12 pt.) and include the following: name and affiliation of the author, e-mail address of the first author/convener, title of the paper, abstract. Notifications of acceptance will be sent before March 1 2016.

Since the number of speaker slots is limited selection is competitive.