International Conference – Barcelona, November 24-25, 2016


Linguapax opens the debate on how legal frameworks contribute to the preservation and promotion of local languages, and which are the resulting language policies in the light of the analysis of plural yet comparable experiences.

  • How can consensus in determining the status of languages be forged?
  • What is the meaning of the official or other legal status of languages provided for in constitutions or legislation?
  • What is the real impact of the legal framework on languages in shaping linguistic life?
  • What distance is there, if any, between the legal framework and the practices of political and social actors involved in the protection of languages?

In order to obtain accurate information and to be able to discuss the implications of the different political and legal models, we shall bring together legal experts, sociolinguists and activists from or familiar with Finland, India, Malta, Paraguay, Slovenia, South Africa and Switzerland.

Further information and registration form :
Registration deadline: November 20, 2016

(Provisional programme is attached)

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